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Aberdeen TV Installation One

For our installation package one, this is what your installation includes.

Basic Package Includes :


No Tv wall bracket supplied.

No Hdmi Cables Supplied.


  • We Supply & Install  (1)  13 Amp Switched Fused Isolation Switch.

  • We Supply & Install  (1)  20 Amp Flex Outlet Plate Behind Screen.

  • We Supply & Install All Electrical Cable For Tv Power Supply.

  • We Supply & Install  (2)  Single Back Boxes Behind Screen.

  • We Supply & Install  (2)  Single Back Boxes At Lower Level.

  • We Supply & Install  (1)  Aerial Cable From Screen To Lower Exit Plate.

  • We Supply & Install All Aerial Plugs & Termination Ends For Cable Above.

  • We Supply & Install  (2)  Single Blank Outlet Plates.

  • We Supply & Install All Fixing Bolts & Wall Plugs.

  • We Wall Mount Customer Supplied Tv Wall Bracket.

  • We Wall Mount Customer Supplied Tv.

  • We Install All Cables Inside Your Walls / No Pvc Surface Trunking Used.


There Will Be A Charge Of £35.00 For Installing Customer Supplied Hdmi Cables Or Any Av Cables. (If we are requested to install customer supplied cables)


  • Each Tv Installation Takes On Average  (4) Hours To Complete.

Basic Package - No wall bracket or Hdmi cables Supplied

Please Note:  All Tv installations on a brick or stone wall will incur a £65.00 charge for the additional works involved.

Basic Tv Package


We accept all debit & credit card payments upon completion

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